How refunds work?

Our refund system is product-specific. You will see on the product page whether the item is supported for a refund or not.

How refunds are processed?

Customers can receive refunds to their default payment gateway or in-store credit. By default, we process the refunds onto their default payment gateway by which the payment was made. If you want to get your refund on store credit, you must contact our support team.

How to return the item?

If you want an item such as Software License or any redeem code, you must not use the code anywhere or redeem anywhere or exchange with someone. Our sales department then will simply revoke your license or redeem the code.

Who pays the payment gateway fee?

The fees cut by any payment gateway are simply not refundable but in rare cases, we may full refund including payment gateway fees.

When the refunds are processed?

Refunds may take up to 7 working days (excluding Public Holidays) after the refund request is made.

How to contact Support Team?

For immediate case, you may send a support email to [email protected] or you may open a support ticket here on My Account > Support Tickets page.