Polapine Universe

Our vision is so simple and yet effective for gamers

Safe Gaming Environment
When playing with the world, you will see hundreds of players who are not ready to collaborate with you. You will find some gamers who aren’t actual gamers like you, they came for entertainment purposes only while you are more serious about gaming. Our platform is something else, you will either play with your own team or you can join others who are serious gamers like you.
Competition makes it Easy
Our most effective option for you is we create an extra layer in gameplay by making competition tough and it seduces your brain for upcoming events. The more you play in our tournaments the more you get improved. Competition is a great option to overcome your fear while playing non-competitive games.
Reward While Gaming
You heard it right, have you ever got any prize for your best gameplay? Ok, we made it clear already it’s a platform of reward. Rewards which never-ending up till we are here.
Player Improvement
As we managed to run plenty of tournaments over the year. We know far more than the average gamer, what action must take in what situations. We share our top tactics and tips with our tournament players to improve their gameplay.
Best Gaming Community
Rewarding Players
Motivating Players
Preparing For the Best